About Me


Hi I'm Aly, 

I am the heart and soul behind of New Genes Maternity Wear. 


From heart ache to passion from  loosing my daughter almost 10 years ago, I have made it my mission to make every mom feel beautiful, even if it was just for a moment in her day. 

Growing a human is hard. Parenting is hard; finding quality, versatile clothing at a reasonable price shouldn't be.

I try and design and sew clothes that can be worn into your 4th trimester.  Designed with a women’s every-changing body in mind, these styles can be worn from the office to play dates

These handmade items are  made and designed with a little humour and a lot of love.  An item will be noted if I did not create them.

Our philosophy is “A woman's body is changing but her lifestyle doesn’t have to”



To the Bump and Beyond