A Dream


Sitting in my office, with samples around me, and with each final design, it comes a little more real that I am chasing a dream. My dream. new_Genes_Office

This dream started many years ago, but just like many other things, life got in the way.  Many people wonder why maternity. And for a long a time I never had an answer, but now I do, it's you, all the Mama's in the making,  all the mama's you are my answer. you are why I love what I create.

I want you to feel beautiful and learn the laugh at yourselves and at the moments in life because once your "New Genes" come, there will be days where all you can do is laugh.  

Clothes are not just items you wear, they create moments. Moments of growth, excitement, tears and joy. I want to design clothes for all those moments.

Till next week,




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