Handmade Clothing

When I started to sew at age 12, it started with Dog jackets, and it was the first time in my life, I was able to read instructions, and just understand it. If you haven't seen by now, I am dyslexic and spelling is not my strong suit.

Dog jackets turned to clothing, turned to athletic apparel to Maternity clothing.

Personally, I am loving that we as a society are asking the question where are clothes. and sometimes us mama's care so much about our little ones we forget about yourself. So when you put on a dress, or a t-shirt, or a pair of joggers. It is made with love; passion and probally a few swear words. Every piece as a story, and when you wear it, you add to it.

My first home office was in my child hood home living room; it had 5 sewing machines, drafting tables, 100,000 meters of thread. You could find me all hours of day- and it was my happy place, and I want everyone to feel the love when they put on a garment I made.

I have made clothing for some super star athletics, but there is nothing more special to me then seeing a mama and her belly wearing something I designed just for them.

So of course there is a price difference when it comes to a small shop handmade item vs. a fast fashion item. Some customers understand and some do not. When you buy from a small handmade shop you are buying a labour of love, a 1 of kind item and you putting money back into your community. When you buy from a fast fashion brand, you are buying the unknown labour laws; the environment footprint and it will probably end up in the landfill.


I feel like Maternity wear niche in the market is silently left out, unthought-of of. I do not believe pants should be two hundred and fifty dollars, because I understand you will only wear them for a short time, but I do not believe they should be twenty dollars either, because what corners have they cut to make that price point possible. I went into making this brand with the attitude just like kids clothes, you can pass them along, they will last through all four trimesters, and then you can pass it along. I source and find the best possible options.

Well there is my 2 cents and love for handmade clothing.

Talk you all next Friday!


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